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I am glad to provide you the excellent work of Roy Robinson: „Genetic studies of the rabbit” for online reading. It contains a lot of things which are forgotten or omitted in newer genetic literature. The document was scanned, text recognised and converted to the .djvu (deja vù) file format. Due to the text layer you can run a fulltext search over the entire content.

Djvu is a very lightweight format which is especially useful for scanned documents or documents which contain a lot of images. It unites small file size with very good on-screen readability. It is very quick, even on slow internet connections, because each page is transfered separately rather then a big document at once, so you can instantly begin to read and you can start with any page you like.


Genetic Studies of the Rabbit. » Download
Roy Robinson. 1958. Bibliographia genetica 17,3: 228–558.

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